Mike Fuller-Standing Lake Epiphone2




  • "... Mike Fuller‘s been finalizing his own folk-rock style more-or-less all on his own...[the] driving lead single “Ms. Wrong”...is just right for someone who needs an extra bit of kick to keep ’em rolling..." - Jack Anderson, KUTX 98.9 FM

  • "...[Ms. Wrong is] an upbeat classic rock flavored track with a clever lyrical style...the electric guitar work on the track will make you think you’ve stumbled across some Canned Heat or Lynyrd Skynyrd deep cuts...the lyrics will resonate...it's a jam..." - Greg Jones, Ear to the Ground Music

  • "[Ms. Wrong is] a rollicking riot of a track...rock, the blues, country, all of these are filtered through Mike’s unique lens...the lyrics are what ties it together, helping to add to the rather adventurous nature of the entire aural universe...references to Thee Oh Sees further ensure that there is a chaotic quality to it, one that feels life-affirming...over the course of the work, he doubles and triples down on that first impulse, as the whole of the sound expands ever upwards, becoming a true force of nature..." - Beach Sloth

  • [regarding Two Rivers] - "If you’re a fan of band[s] in the vein of Creedence Clearwater Revival, then you’ll find a lot to like about the rock-flavored Americana of Mike Fuller...The lead vocal is expressive, rooted, and genuine. The guitar riff at the core of the track is rewarding every time [you] get to hear it...Everything from the bluesy guitar work to the lyrics longing to be with a lover feels right. It's a vibe..." - Greg Jones, Ear to the Ground Music

  • "...[The Human Condition EP is] a sinewy yet fragile ode of genuine self-awareness...displaying guitar and piano work that would even make David Crosby tap a foot." - Dan Camargo, Get Buy Records

  • "...warm, inviting...laconic...a pleasing vibe that will appeal to everyone from Deadheads to fans of AOR radio." - Jim Testa, NJ.com

  • "...[Two Rivers] is a well crafted story..." Krystal McRae, Scenes from the Underground

  • "...[The Human Condition EP is] very easy listening rock." - JC Music Scene


  • KUTX 98.9 FM, Austin, TX

  • Y-Not Radio, Philadelphia, PA

  • PRP 99.1 FM, Portland, OR

  • WEFT 90.1 FM, Champaign, IL

  • KVMR 89.5 FM, Nevada City, CA

  • WXRY 99.3 FM, Columbia, SC


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